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Wellness & Group Insurance

At Snowgum, we like being active and feeling happy. It’s even better if we can have a positive impact on those around us. Improving the health and happiness of your employees might be the most productive improvement a business can make.

There is a unique opportunity for employers to leverage their existing, or introduce a new, employee insurance program which incorporates a health and wellness ecosystem. Engaged employees will not only build on a positive work culture, but be provided with tangible rewards for doing so.

This ecosystem is provided through a program called Vitality, which is provided by AIA.

As your broker and adviser on implementing and managing this employee benefits scheme, we provide project management and professional guidance on how to make the most from the wellness program. We are passionate about achieving financial and health outcomes that extend well beyond the traditional group insurance service. We provide:

  • All the traditional services of ongoing plan administration and management, contract review, employee movement management and personalised communication to each employee on their benefits
  • Face to face consultations when sensitivity is required around uplifting employee benefits
  • Offer seminars on topics of interest to you and your staff. Seminar topics can be targeted at millennials, general financial matters, economic updates or less formal and invigorating discussions on future industry trends
  • Provide each new member a Fitbit to enable everyone to get the most out of the Vitality rewards ecosystem
  • Build a tailored employee benefits website and relinquish control of this to you whilst continuing to provide ongoing support

We work collaboratively with the HR and Finance team of your business from project managing the tender, implementation and administration of the group insurance benefits schemes. 

We are excited to transform how we partner with businesses to deliver an amazing employee experience.