This page provides information about how we are remunerated for our services. We feel it is important that you, our clients, are fully aware of how our remuneration and fees are calculated and payable. Before any substantial work is carried out for you, our remuneration and fees will be outlined to you in writing. All indicative fees outlined below are inclusive of GST.

Initial Consultation

There is no fee for your initial consultation.

Investment Advice

Our investment services are charged to you as a percentage of the value of assets that we manage on your behalf. This percentage is calculated annually and for your convenience can be automatically debited on a monthly basis. There is a flat fee of $1,100 for investment advice on assets up to $100,000.  

Fee for service

Your ‘Total Assets Managed’ are an aggregate of all your investments, accounts and structures we manage for you, making the fee associated with investment advice more cost effective to you as your investment management needs are consolidated. 

We do not charge a fee for providing advice on cash, basic deposit structures or assets managed directly by you such as personally held property. Your personal assets outside of our investment management service will however influence the investment and insurance advice and management we provide for you.

The fee table provides a guideline for investment services at various scales. It is not a prescriptive fee and we find that a different approach may be appropriate as you approach higher investment balances, your opportunities broaden and needs become more tailored. Our fees are therefore adjusted individually depending on the complexity of the advice and management required. These fees will be outlined to you prior to any substantial work being carried out. 

Insurance Advice

Most personal risk management insurance, such as life and accident and sickness insurance, generate a commission paid directly to us from the insurance company. This provides sufficient payment to us, not only for the advice and work required to set up the insurance, but also for ongoing servicing of that insurance. Therefore there are no direct fees to you for this insurance advice and management.

When we are likely to receive a commission we will always disclose this to you. Should a claim arise, our experience is that most claims can be settled with our lodgement of the claim on your or your dependent's behalf. We manage this claim process for you at no cost. If claims cannot be successfully resolved in this first instance, which is rare, and legal services are required, the cost of legal and associated services will need to be borne by you.

Debt Management

Private banking or debt management services often generate a brokerage commission to us from the financial institution. This commission is usually sufficient to cover our costs so no additional fees will be charged to you. When we are likely to receive a brokerage commission we will always disclose this to you.

Comprehensive Business & Personal Planning

If you require comprehensive business and/or personal planning, involving detailed cash flow modelling with for example complex spreadsheets, a fee will be charged. Such a comprehensive plan, not directly related to Investment Advice we provide, can range in cost from as little as $2,200 for basic plans to $22,000 or more for highly complex and detailed arrangements.

A letter of engagement will always be provided to you prior to commencing detailed planning work. This letter of engagement outlines the scope of work required and the fees to complete the financial planning. We have found that the cost of such comprehensive planning work is often small compared to the positive return on investment it produces for you and your business.

Sometimes we provide strategic advice without actually facilitating specific investment selection or cash flow management. In these instances we will operate for a flat fee per annum on agreement with you. 

Other Considerations

We only recommend and provide services to you if we believe those services will be beneficial and cost effective. If we are unable to benefit you we will outline this at our or subsequent to our initial obligation free meeting. Our focus is on building long lasting relationships that are beneficial to you and help you prosper.