Succession Planning

A key consideration for any business is adequately managing the financial and personal impact of a business director unexpectedly ceasing to perform his or her duties through accident, illness or premature death.

Without appropriate succession plans and funding mechanisms in place company directors, or their families, may find themselves in an unexpected business partnership. For example, if you become permanently disabled, or worse, your spouse may be legally required to manage your business responsibilities. Alternatively, should your business partner suffer an unexpected accident or illness that significantly or permanently incapacitates them from their duties, you may be required to make all future business and management decisions in conjunction with the exiting business partner’s spouse or family. Furthermore, if the remaining director does not have the funds to ‘buy out’ the disabled director’s equity stake, it may force a ‘fire sale’ of the business with both parties suffering a considerable financial loss and loss of growth opportunities, at the same time there is a significant chance both parties are suffering emotional distress and uncertainty.

Through the placement of suitable insurances as a funding source, in conjunction with associated buy and sell contract structuring, you can ensure the continuity of your business and provide appropriate consideration to the departing business partner, their family or estate.

Snowgum Financial Services can streamline your business succession plans by project managing the implementation of both the appropriate insurances and associated legal contracts.

Group Insurance

Snowgum Financial Services provides brokerage and advice services for corporate group life and salary continuance insurance plans. We are not tied to a specific provider allowing us to give independent and flexible advice.

We manage the insurance tender process, incorporating plan design, plan implementation and educating key stakeholders on plan management and operation, as well as all ongoing administration. The service, administration and management of any group insurance plan involves a comprehensive annual review, ongoing member and management communication, member underwriting and claim support.

We are not insurance brokers for business property and damage insurance but can refer you to such brokers or work with such brokers of your choice. 

For more information about how Snowgum Financial Services can assist your company in managing risk or implementing an employee benefit scheme, please request a consultation. 

Financial Modelling

Our clients are highly adept at running their own businesses. However sometimes, when these clients are canvassing a new business venture, product launch or trying to analyse data more meaningfully, we have been called upon to provide customised financial models, calculation tools and data driven insights that empower businesses to make more informed decisions. Just like you are an expert at producing and providing a product or service, financial modelling is our core expertise. We can provide an external, objective view of a financial opportunity and the tools for better assessing the impact/s of variables on that opportunity.

We provide this service to existing clients and their referrals only, on a quote per build basis.