With very little fanfare China has emerged as the overwhelming producer of the worlds energy storage needs. 

This year sees the global contribution of renewable's hit just over 6%. Renewable energy growth's contribution in 2016 was enough to offset the worlds growth in energy demands. This means that there was actually no reduction in non-renewable sourced energy from 2015 to 2016. However, the rate of growth of renewable's is starting to look predictably exponential. For this growth to continue, the main stumbling block at present is storage. 

Should the storage solution become viable, there is no hurdle, economic or otherwise, that would prevent the extinction of fossil fuel's as energy source. It appears that it is China, not the US, that is most likely to meet the worlds energy storage needs, and with this production will flow significant economic wealth.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

In terms of producing energy, Ray Kurzweil (director of engineering at Google and reasonably accurate predicter of the future) is fairly confident of a Solar revolution.